MARQUETTE — The U.S. Coast Guard has a brand new helicopter that was recently introduced to the region, which will help with more effective search and rescue responses on the Great Lakes.

Helicopter HH-60 Jayhawk was on display on Northern Michigan University’s campus today to give local students the chance to get a peek inside and to further learn about what members of the coast guard do on a daily basis. Other than teaching children about their operations, local law enforcement officials were also trained on any additional procedures that will be used with this new helicopter.

The Jayhawk is much larger than the previous helicopter used by the Traverse City Coast Guard station, which will greatly benefit in future missions.

“We have different radio capabilities that we can talk to different agencies with, quite frankly we can hoist more people, we can stay on scene for longer because we have more gas, and we can get there a little bit quicker than the previous helicopter,” said U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Jon Arden.

Pilots took around two months to properly learn how to fly this helicopter and training with local law enforcement departments is required. When teaching the children about their daily duties in the coast guard, members discussed the proper attire that they wear while on a rescue along with the importance of having a buddy while on a mission.