Final armed robber sentenced to prison

MARQUETTE– The last robber apart of the armed robberies in Delta and Marquette County was sentenced this Friday morning.

18 year-old Jaccob Jones of Escanaba, was sentenced to 5-15 years in prison and one count of armed robbery. Last August Jones was arrested along with two other partners, for robbing customers at Kassel’s Korner after being turned away from one hotel at gunpoint.

“Due to my poor decision making I have put others in a situation they will never forget and I’d like to say I’m sorry to the victims and a community as a whole,” Jones said.

“No one takes please in sentencing someone to prison especially as young as you are but I think your youth can also be viewed as an opportunity to serve your time and to return to society as a person who will go down a different path,” Judge Mazzuchi said. “The behavior here was very damaging to the community and the feeling of safety.”

Jones was originally charged with one count of conspiracy to commit a robbery and four counts of armed robbery.