Family of fallen officer speaks out

DICKINSON COUNTY–The family of Kenneth Moraska, the fallen Norway police officer, is speaking out about keeping the man who murdered Moraska incarcerated.

Edward Alsteens will be going before a parole board July eleventh after serving forty-six years of his life sentence.
Moraska’s family is speaking out and protesting against any possible parole. The sister of the fallen officer along with other family members met with Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards this afternoon to explore their options to prevent Alsteens from being granted parole.

“We need to write letters and do what we can,” said Mari Negro. “We’re going to as a family look at possibly circulating a petition. If he does get paroled, we would get paroled back to Dickinson County. It’s kind of ironic the very highway that was named in honor of my brother, he could once again be traveling on it.”

The family was informed of Alsteens’ possible parole on the anniversary of Kenneth Moraska’s death. The parole hearing will take place in Ionia County.