Local students graduate with GED certificate

MARQUETTE–Twenty–eight hardworking students from the Marquette Alternative High School graduated on Wednesday.

The students received their GED Certificates after proving their mastery of general subjects throughout their time at the institution.The main focus of the evening was to let students know just how important their dedication to learning is.

“The GED covers four subjects: math, science, language arts, and history,” said Benjamin Platt, a GED teacher at Marquette Alternative High School. “What they get to do then is go through, and each one is a separate test.”

“I had such a good experience coming here, although it did take me longer to get my GED than it did my diploma, I did get it, and I’m excited that I finally got it,” said John Nolan, a graduate. “Being somebody who is low–income, it’s very hard to pay, especially when it’s like forty or fifty dollars per test, I was very grateful for them to pay for all of my tests.”

A few of the graduates are exploring options for higher education in the future, and some are even looking at attending Northern Michigan University. Congratulations to the Class of 2017!