Local student cyclists journey around Lake Superior

MARQUETTE — After journeying 1,400 miles, the trio of NMU students involved in the Great Lakes Great Stories Expedition has returned home today.

The group circumnavigated the entire Great Lake by bicycle in 17 days. Along the way, the bikers met new people, and recorded their stories about Lake Superior. The rainy weather in the area lately hasn’t halted their efforts.

Dylan Gonda, Olivia Walcott and Ryan Watling are students at Northern Michigan University. ABC 10 caught up with the daring students as they approached Marquette.

“The journey’s been amazing,” said Dylan Gonda of Great Lakes Great Stories. “We’re about to hit 1,400 miles in 17 days, this has been pretty impressive. It’s been raining since Thunder Bay, Ontario, so for the past seven days, it’s been raining nonstop. The whole trip’s been amazing. It’s kicked our butts a little bit, but it’s been everything we wanted and more.”

A celebration is planned for the group’s arrival in Marquette around 7 p.m. tonight at the Oredock Brewery. The students hope to share some of the amazing stories with the public.