Holocaust survivor answers student questions

KINGSFORD– One local eighth grade class has been researching a horrific event in history for five weeks now, and Thursday morning got to experience some of its living history.

Thursday, Holocaust survivor Martin Lowenberg visited Middle School students in Kingsford. Parents were in attendance as well in the Q&A set up to find out more about Lowenberg’s past. One parent asked a question in order to better explain the holocaust to a child back at home. Lowenberg cautioned on his approach to talking to children.

“Very smart children of course they are very prepared for the holocaust before I speak to them but anyway usually I recommend the seventh and up,” Lowenburg said. “Because they don’t know how they might interpret in their minds.”

“We start the project talking about how we learn about history so that history does not repeat itself and because students know that we are going to have this calming activity with the primary source like Martin Lowenberg, they take it very seriously,” Language Arts Teacher Jon Lorenzoni said. “They realize the importance of learning about it.”

The survivor answered a wide range of questions from everyday food to life after liberation. Lowenberg is currently 88-years-old, traveling around to share his life story,and was liberated at the age of 17.

Lowenberg said arriving in the United States was freedom, it was a wonderful country, it is a wonderful country, and we’re all fortunate to be here.