City manger looking to levy millage for city equipment

ISHPEMING– The city manager of one Upper Peninsula city is looking to raise money for equipment he says the city has desperately needed for a long time.

Ishpeming City Manager Mark Sloan says that he wants to raise $1.6 million in order to provide newer equipment for the cities Fire and Public Works Departments.

Sloan says the Fire Department needs an aerial ladder truck, which will make the department more efficient at fighting fires and help keep firefighters safe.

He also says the Department of Public Works needs a dump truck, plow truck, and loader to ensure they can continue to keep the streets plowed in the future.

Ishpeming City Manager Mark Sloan said, “The department heads, Ed Anderson the Fire Chief and John Kangas the Department of Public Works Director have made a strong case that look the equipment is getting so old and the need is so real for the safety of our workers, for the effectiveness of getting streets plowed, fires put out that we need the new equipment.”

Sloan said that at this time he thinks the city will need to levy 1.6 mills to raise the money.

He is not sure when the millage increase will be on the ballot, but doesn’t expect the equipment to be purchased until at least early 2018.

Sloan is asking any residents with questions to contact him.