Challenge grant given to help fill community void

MARQUETTE–One local organization aims to fill a void the community is missing, and was given a challenge grant in aims to break ground soon.

Trillium House is a hospice care home, with aims to break ground this spring. The construction will not start until the nonprofit organization reaches 90% of their total funding. The Trillium House is currently $400,000 short of 90%. A challenge grant of $200,000 was awarded. Now the final steps rely on donations and pledges from the public.

“We do have excellent hospice services, but there are often times when people are unable to find the housing to be in,” Trillium House Board Member Robert Kulisheck said. “They can’t live at home, it’s inappropriate for them to go into a nursing home, or they are living at home but the people who are providing them the services at home are unable for whatever reason to do it for a reason of time.”

The project will cost a total of $2.2 million. The home will have eight private rooms.

According to Kulisheck it will be at full capacity.

“The need is real, it’s out there. We feel we can fill that through Trillium House, the volunteers, and the generous support of people throughout the community,” Kulisheck said. “We are very pleased with what has happened so far, the community has been extremely generous and we are very close to our goal.”

There are other hospice houses around the U.P., such as Houghton and Sault St. Marie. According to Kulisheck the Trillium House has drawn useful insights from the hospice homes.

To donate to Trillium House visit our Trillium House website.