Defense begins in Sadowski’s re-trial

MARQUETTE- The prosecution rested their case and the defense began to called witnesses to testify in Jason Sadowski’s re–trial Friday.

Defense attorney Tony Ruiz called a number of different witnesses in defense of alleged kidnapper and torturer Jason Sadowski. One of the victims was called to the stand again.

Ruiz asked the victim about the details or her injuries, including where she was allegedly kicked by the defendant and if she lost a tooth.

He also played audio, in which the victim claimed falsely to the police that Sadowski had called every contact in her phone. She did not have her phone on her during the incident.

Also testifying was Stephanie Bryan, a friend of the victim who talked about their interaction soon after the incident. “I don’t know about hysterical I can’t remember that much detail, whether she was hysterical,” Bryan said. “But she certainly was distressed.”

Ruiz asked Bryan if the victim had told her it was her idea to offer to kill the other victim to free herself.

Bryan said “I don’t know whose idea it was initially, but she had convinced him, she told me she had convinced him she would, in fact, kill (the other victim) if she was released, but then used that as a way to get the phone.”

Also called to the stand were two people who testified that they believed Marquette County Undersheriff Dan Willey and the testifying victim were untrustworthy.

However, the witness testifying against Willey’s trustworthiness had a son in prison because of an investigation that the undersheriff was a part of.

Sadowski’s re–trial continues Monday in Marquette County Circuit Court.