Gift of Life campaign underway across college campuses

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University is in a competition with 13 other schools in the state that all have the same mission. And that mission is saving lives.

The annual Gift of Life Michigan Campus Challenge is underway across the Great Lakes State. Members of the NMU Center for Student Enrichment are encouraging students and faculty to become organ donors.

To become an organ donor, all you need is your drivers license. The sign-up process takes all of 60 seconds.

“Well this could be the difference between life and death,” said Nicholas Beattie, who is working to get people signed up for Gift of Life. “This could help someone that does have an organ failure. This could necessarily save someone’s life. I believe this is of the utmost importance.”

At last count, Northern Michigan is in second place among all the schools working to sign people up. You can sign-up to become an organ donor in person or online by clicking HERE.

More than 54% of adults in the state are registered organ donors.