Behavioral scientist talks law enforcement behavior at NMU

MARQUETTE– Northern Michigan University students got a lecture on some real life applications their studies could bring some day.

Behavioral Scientist John O’Neill gave a talk at N–M–U about applied psychology in law enforcement.

Topics he covered were officers accidentally firing their guns, how long officers retain their training and the ways this is studied in a professional setting.

Dr. O’Neill said that he not only wanted to show students how what they study in classroom can transition into the world outside.

“So there are a lot of psychology students and criminal justice students in here and they learn about research methods and procedures and so the studies that I’m presenting today are an example of how those methods and procedures can be applied in real life in the context of law enforcement,” said behavioral scientist Dr. John O’Neill of the Force Science Institute, “so I’m hoping that they see some real life application of what their learning in their classrooms.”

Dr. O’Neill says that he works with law enforcement to study their training and find ways it can be improved.
The reception was free and open to the public.