Police App getting good results sheriff says

IRON MOUNTAIN– The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department has a new, high tech way of helping keep the county safe.

The Department has been using a new app called “MobilePatrol” for the past two weeks and they say they’ve had good results.

“MobilePatrol” is free for the county to use and lets the public see notifications from the department, check on warrants and report sightings, be alerted if there is a change in an inmate’s status or escape, or just contact the department.

The Dickinson County Sheriff says that residents have appreciated the app.

“It’s in the early stages right now but the feedback I’m getting out in the community, people really enjoy and thought it was a great idea,” Dickinson County Sheriff Scott Rutter said, “They said they go on there every day to see what’s going on. So for the onset I’m very happy with who we’ve been able to connect with what….who so far in the community.”

Sheriff Rutter says that using this kind of technology will probably become more popular.

The sheriff said “We’re at the day and age where you need to utilize that technology and I think it’s to the point where it’s expected.”

Even if you’re not in Dickinson County you can still use the app to get information from detention facilities all over the state.

You can download “MobilePatrol” for free on the App–store or Google play.