Local school district donating money to Bay Cliff

EBEN TOWNSHIP — One local school district is planning on donating all proceeds from an upcoming basketball game to the Bay Cliff Health Camp Recreation Center.

During Friday’s boy’s basketball game against rival team Munising, Superior Central Schools will be giving the proceeds from the fifty-fifty raffle and ten-percent of the concessions to Bay Cliff. All these donations will be used towards the health camp’s new recreation center by assisting in purchasing basketballs, volleyballs, along with adaptive sports equipment. Employees of the Munising Memorial Hospital have also decided to help and will be matching the donations from Superior Central Schools.

Fundraising for a good cause is something this school district is very familiar with.

“Any community service is important for students to learn. The basketball coach and myself are very supportive of Bay Cliff, we think they do an outstanding job and just that we can help out is big for us,” said Superior Central Schools K-12 Superintendent/Athletic Director, Bill Valima.

The athletic department is currently planning on having the athletes from the basketball team volunteer this summer at Bay Cliff Health Camp. The basketball game between the two rivalries is on Friday at 6 P.M.