Dog Nights at Peter White Public Library

MARQUETTE– Dog Nights is starting up again, so if you know a youngster who would like a furry companion to read to, head down to the Peter White Public Library.

Tonight was the first night of “Dog Nights” in the children’s area of the Peter White Public Library.

From 6 until 8 in the evening every Thursday, children can head down and grab a book to read with a trained therapy dog.

A library representative said that these dogs provided a great, non–judgment reading partner for young people.

“There’s 2 ways to go about it is good to make sure the child understands that maybe they’re pronouncing a word wrong, but in early literacy it’s really important to allow a child to maybe just have a book without any words and allow them to tell story,” said Sarah Rehbord, Youth Services Librarian with the Peter White Public Library, “That’s a different way of reading, it allows the imagination to come into play and younger children, especially, have wild imaginations and it’s great to really let that out.”

“Dog Nights” will run until the end of March and no registration is required to attend.

Organizers say that you are more than welcome to bring your own book, but please leave your own dog at home since the dogs they have are all trained.