Senator explains ‘no’ vote on new Secretary of State

WASHINGTON D.C. — President Trump’s cabinet is starting to slowly come together. The latest member confirmed by the senate is former Mobil Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson.

He was confirmed Wednesday night as Secretary of State. Tillerson’s confirmation vote was by a count of 56 to 43.

Both Michigan Senators- Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow voted ‘no.’ ABC 10 talked with Senator Peters about why he voted ‘no.’

Peters cited Tillerson’s business ties to Russia as one of the reasons he could not vote in favor of the new Secretary of State.

“The fact that Rex Tillerson has and had substantial business interests when he headed Exxon Mobil with a $500 million oil and gas deals in Russia. I’m concerned that he will put some of his Russian interests ahead of the interests of the American people,” said Peters.

“I’m certainly very disturbed about the Russian interference in our election and the fact that Russia has been engaged in all sorts of hostile actions against our allies,” he added.

Three democrats, one independent and all 52 republicans in the senate voted in favor of Tillerson, who started his new job Thursday.