Schools celebrate National School Choice Week

ISHPEMING– Michigan schools celebrated School Choice week and what some say is a policy that allows families to have better control over their education.

Many cities as well as Governor Snyder declared this week as National School Choice Week, but the week is being observed across the country as well.

One Michigan Public School official said that School Choice makes schools more competitive and allows families to choose a school that best fits their kid’s needs.

He also said that school choice brings in students from different areas.

Bryan DeAugustine, Superintendant of N.I.C.E Community Schools said, “It’s beneficial to students at N.I.C.E community schools because it just offers us an opportunity to have students with different outlooks or perspectives. Students who have maybe seen other districts and can help us get better. Personally I don’t see really see any negatives to the Schools of Choice Option in Michigan. I think that it provides a competitive atmosphere and keeps schools on their toes and really pushes us to strive to do our best and be the best possible school we can be.”

According to National School Choice Week, the week is intended to celebrate educational opportunities and speak out for increased opportunities in the future.

Also according to the release, there are over 20,000 events planned nationwide and 730 events planned in Michigan.