NMU Director of Theatre ready to take on role

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University’s Theatre Department will have a new Director that is pretty familiar with the area, starting the next academic year.

Bill Digneit who is currently a Co-Owner of Double Trouble DJ’s, will be passing of the mic to his brother to pursue this new title. Dig-NIGHT has an extensive background in theatre, including a degree in theatre from NMU. He has also worked on various freelancing opportunities related to the behind the scenes work of productions.

Digneit already has several goals in which he hopes to execute during his time as the director.

“We really want to make sure that we are getting students internships, summer work in the entertainment and arts fields. We really want to work on our networking with the students to make sure they are graduating with job opportunities to successfully gain employment,” said Northern Michigan University Director of Theatre, Bill Digneit.

Pushing technology and more video is also a goal, by using more LED’s along with flashing lights.

Collaborating with other departments at the university is on Dig-NIGHT’s agenda, to give students experience working with people in various fields. As Director, he’s excited to show students the possibilities in the theatre department.

“I’m looking forward to the most, just really working with the students and really help them see that a theatre major really has a lot of options, more than just working at a traditional theatre to gaining a bright future and career where they can be truly successful and have a wonderful life,” said Digneit.

Dig-night also wanted to remind the community about some upcoming events being performed at the Forest Roberts Theatre. Tonight is the kick-off of the Fringe Festival and the performing of Building Madness will be playing at the end of February.