Plows working 12 hour shifts

ISHPEMING– Representatives from the Marquette County Roads Commission say they are working to keep the roads clear but to still drive safe.

According to the commission, plow drivers are working 12 hour shifts and hope that you see a plow in front of your house every 24 hours. They are prioritizing the busiest roads, the state highways and then primary roads. When those are finished the plows can focus on clearing the local roads. However, they do say to be safe on the roads even when they look clear.

Michael Harrington Director of Operations in Maintenance for the Marquette County Roads Commission said, “Well the main thing is slow down. I mean you see a lot of people who don’t slow down. Even if the road looks bare, often times there is ice on top of this. This morning I was out and the roads look really good but there was some ice on them and then it depends on our temperature and how much snow is coming down. We don’t get an opportunity to salt them so they are slippery, and be aware of that.”

Harrington says that they spent a good deal of the year preparing for the winter and take on an additional 20 employees for the season.