SEMCO: Please keep your gas meter clear of ice and snow

PURT HURON– During periods of heavy snow and when clearing your roof of snow, SEMCO is asking customers to remember to keep their meters clear of snow or ice. Here are a few ways to help protect gas meter equipment as well as gas appliances to avoid a potentially hazardous situation or service disruption.

Never allow snow to cover your natural gas meter or its pressure regulator or block your appliance exhaust vents.

Please use caution when shoveling snow, plowing or snow blowing to avoid piling snow against the natural gas meter, regulator or appliance vents.

Remove soft snow build-up gently, using only a broom or your hand rather than a shovel that could damage the meter.

Do not try to remove ice or frozen snow from the natural gas meter pressure regulator or piping. If you find your meter or pressure regulator covered in ice or frozen snow, do not attempt to remove the ice or use de-icer.

Contact SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company, toll free, at 1 800 624 2019.

Courtesy: SEMCO Energy