ISHPEMING — One U.P. city is asking the public for some help getting citizens along with the city itself in the Christmas spirit.

The decorations that have been displayed in downtown Ishpeming have not been updated for over 20 years. The downtown development authority has all funds accounted for and cannot afford updated decorations. Volunteers with the Ishpeming Business Association are asking for donations that will match the current decorations in the downtown area.

“It would be nice if people had spare sets of lights that exactly match the ones in downtown Ishpeming and along Division Street and around by the Mather Inn and by Cleveland Avenue, or a fake pine roping that is again the same as what is already used so it looks consistent, that would be a wonderful thing,” said Volunteer at Ishpeming Business Association, David Aeh.

Clear nightlight sized bulbs is what the city is currently using. Getting decorations on the new roundabout as well would welcome newcomers into the city.

Updating Christmas decorations is just the start of Aeh’s mission to further beautify the city.

“Success begets success, so if it looks like people care, then people will actually care more and then our community has more visitors, and the people who live here feel better about their community. I think it’s just a win-win proposition,” said Aeh.

Any donations can be dropped off at ThriftISH at the corner of Pearl and Main during normal business hours.