Staying calm during holiday travel

GWINN — Traveling during the holidays can often get stressful, but if you are planning on flying home or to an exotic location before Christmas, there are some tips to keep in mind that will make the flight a breeze.

Plan, patience, and smile, those are the three key words to keep in mind while flying during the holiday season. Planning the trip thoroughly ahead of time can take off a lot of stress; working with a local travel agency can help organize every last detail into the vacation.

Using the air carriers’ websites and apps can make checking in and even planning the trip much simpler. Following this golden rule will ensure you make it to your flight on time without having to scramble.

“You want to come an hour prior to a flight, at least an hour prior to the flight. There’s going to be a lot of people traveling during the holiday season, the airlines have already indicated that they are starting to show more passengers going out so it’s going to be longer lines, so plan ahead,” said KI Sawyer International Airport Manager, Duane Duray.

If you’re planning on bringing a gift on the flight, it is encouraged to hold the wrapping paper until after the flight, in case the TSA needs to further investigate the object after screening. Be aware of the size of your luggage before boarding – 50 pounds is the maximum for baggage and make sure your carry on is of appropriate measures.

Most importantly while traveling, don’t forget to take a deep a breath, and smile.

“We are during the winter season and the possibility of a winter storm or something that could cause your flight to be delayed, it doesn’t make it any easier if you are grouchy and complain to the agents because they are trying to do their job and if you carry a smile, that will go a long way,” said Duray.

Although this is a busy time of year for travelers, the airport is always prepared for the number of flyers and ready to take on even the harshest of weather conditions.