MARQUETTE TWP. — It’s the season for spending time with family and loved ones. There are some animals at the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter who want to be a part of these families and today was a perfect day to welcome one into your home.

UPAWS teamed up with the Fox Motors and the ASPCA for a free pet adoption day. At this event, all adoption fees were covered through the Subaru share the love grant.

This isn’t the first adoption event that has been held at Fox Motors in Marquette and will most likely not be the last.

“We’ve had many events here at Fox and Fox is a super supporter for us and we’re super grateful about that. That’s why we’re so excited that we were able to get a Subaru grant through the ASPCA so we could come here and get a winter event,” said UPAWS Community Outreach Coordinator, Ann Brownell.

All animals from the shelter and in foster care were still included in the waived adoption fees. This time of a year is great time to adopt because who doesn’t want to be home for the holidays?

“It’s a wonderful time to adopt a pet because all animals want to be home for the holidays,” said Brownell.

If you missed the event today, UPAWS will be holding an open house next week just in time for Christmas.