What you need to know when giving a pet for Christmas

NEGAUNEE — As the holiday shopping continues for many shoppers into December, there are some gifts that need to be thoughtfully prepared more than others.

If you’re deciding to give someone the surprise of a puppy, kitten, or any kind of animal this season, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Ensuring that the personalities of the pet and the gift receiver are in sync with one another is important when selecting a pet.

Matching lifestyles can be essential to a positive relationship between the two, finding an active animal for an active person leads to similar lifestyles. Another important factor to keep in mind is knowing the person receiving the pet understands the proper grooming and care for the animal.

Above all, thinking about the long-term future with the animal is vital.

“Thinking long-term, so getting a pet right away with the initial excitement and surprise, but thinking about things long-term like vet care down the line. Making sure that is something kind of part of the life plant for the pet and the family and thinking about travel plans and all those fun things, especially around the holiday season,” said UPAWS Shelter Manager, Kim Randolph.

While surprises can be exciting, having the whole family come in together to find the pet they feel the most bonded with is encouraged. Another gift that can still bring joy and even a surprise to the gift receiver is a UPAWS gift card.

By giving this card, the gift receiver can then come in and meet the pet to make sure they are compatible with one another.