Cherry Creek rocks for the holidays

MARQUETTE– Students at Cherry Creek rocked out for the holidays today in front of their friends, families and community.

Three holiday programs were hosted at Cherry Creek Elementary School today as part of the winter concert series in Marquette Public schools. Kindergarten and first grade students came on first in the morning, followed by the second and third graders and finally the fourth and fifth graders came on. The students began preparing for this program in October and one of their teachers said they were really proud of what they achieved.

“There’s a huge process that goes into it and the students are always, they work so hard for me, you know it’s a very rewarding experience for me as a teacher because of how excited they are to play instruments, to dance and then it all comes together when it’s time for the concert.”

This is the last program Cherry Creek will be having for the holidays and Parks said that the next program the school will be putting on would happen in the spring.