Deer population improved for this deer season

MARQUETTE — The deer population in the Upper Peninsula is improving, weather permitting.

The UP saw a very good firearm season this year with many healthy bucks being brought in to the DNR. Officials from the Marquette office say they have seen thick fat reserves and good antler growth on registered deer from this season, suggesting a good growing season this past summer.

However the DNR attributes this mildness of this past winter to the success of the U–P deer herd. They say the growth could continue with another easy winter and the herd could better weather a harsh one.

“Coming into this year with the greater fat reserves and the overall health of the individual deer, yes, that will certainly help them get through this upcoming winter,” said Caleb Eckloff, DNR Wildlife Technician, “it will especially help with the fawn crop of next year. Does coming into winter healthy with a lot of fat and good nutritional reserves will allow, hopefully we’ll see twin fawns, maybe even a couple triplets next year.”

If you haven’t had a successful hunt this year, the DNR wants to remind you it’s not too late. There is still one more month of deer hunting available. Muzzle–loader season started today and will run through December eleventh. Archery season will continue through the month of December.