Lane Dawson brought Nashville to the UP

MARQUETTE– We lost a local legend a few weeks ago who helped bring a bit of Nashville to the Upper Peninsula with his experience and knowledge of country music.

Adam Carpenter described his C0-DJ Lane Dawson as “a very genuine, jovial happy person, but he was incredibly intelligent as well. Successful businessman and also he came across on the air, it felt like he was sitting there talking to you. So when I’d listen to him, I would learn things just listening to him talk about his experiences.”

Lane Dawson was a musician and radio DJ who hosted the “Country Scoop” on WXFD and for a longtime listener and friend Greg Meyer, he was a unique individual you only meet once in a lifetime.

“He just had the most unique, dominating personality; he could bring a smile to almost everybody,” Greg said, “he loved the rich heritage, traditional country music that just don’t if anybody, whose gonna be able to fill those shoes.”
For those who tuned into his show seven until midnight, Lane brought a lot of insight and even a bit of Nashville into their evenings.

Part of that experience was the time Lane spent in Nashville.

“Lane was also a musician himself, he worked with some pretty big names out of Nashville; Buck Owens and Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton so he was the real deal.”

And he was able to bring that back to the show with him. “All I can do is get the stories that he came back to share with all of us, which even if half of them are true they’re all fantastic,” said Greg

It was one thing being able to perform with some of Nashville’s biggest stars, but according to those who knew him, Lane had the ability to bring his experiences and music back to the UP.

Greg said Lane had spent time with “With HeeHaw, he obviously spent time with Buck Owens, I think he stood on stage with Tom T. Hall some of these people that just aren’t around anymore and Lane had history with these people, he knew ’em, he had spent time with them. Just got around in the town of Nashville I think; for our little community it was fantastic.”

And ultimately lived a life that brought joy to others.

Adam said, “If anything you could take away as far as a message is live life, be happy, be friendly with other people and make the world a little better place.” Greg said, “He was a guy that would sign happiness to people, we’ll certainly miss him we were fortunate to have a guy like Lane Dawson.”