Local student artist collaborates with non-profit to highlight human trafficking

MARQUETTE — Seniors at Northern Michigan University who are involved in the art and design departments are saying farewell to their school as the Senior Art Exhibition is underway.

Students have expressed themselves through a variety of artistic mediums that are displayed at the Devos Art Museum on NMU’s campus. One senior took her passion of helping victims of human sex trafficking to her art by collaborating with the organization, Women at Risk. This non-profit works with freeing victims of human trafficking, rehabilitating them, and even teaching them a skill in which they can support themselves with.

This student’s work was several years in the making and each piece in the collection has a strong meaning behind it.

“I like to look at how wearable objects can either empower or disempower the wearer. I wanted to create tiaras to show how these women deserved to be viewed and then contrasted by the shackles. Each shackle investigates a different aspect of sexual slavery, sort of what the world can do to a princess,” said Northern Michigan University Senior, Lauren Doerfler.

All proceeds from Lauren’s art will be donated to Women at risk. The art exhibit is free to the public and will run through December 9th.