Preparing a meal for 800+ people

HANCOCK — Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be shared with family and friends.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly makes sure seniors won’t be alone for the holiday, either. The organization has been gathering food for the last couple weeks to be distributed to locations in five counties of the U.P. including 70 turkeys.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly Executive Director Cathy Aten said, “They came in this morning from (Wadsworth) Hall at Michigan Tech. They baked them all for us, so the process this morning has been dividing them up per site.”

It takes over 400 volunteers to provide dinner for roughly 800 elderly friends on Thanksgiving at the 12 sites where dinners will be served or hot meals delivered from.

It’s the community coming together in the spirit of the holiday that makes it all possible.

Aten said, “What I love about this is we see so much good in our community and that’s why we’re here and we love seeing people come together to share the holiday.”

Little Brothers also provides free holiday dinners on Christmas Day and Easter.