Local kindergartners spreading Thanksgiving joy to neighbors

NEGAUNEE — Students at a local kindergarten had the chance to spread Thanksgiving cheer with the help of music today.

Students from Lakeview Elementary School made a stop right next store, to the Lakeview Apartments in Negaunee. The Kindergartners sang several different songs that they have been practicing hard at, for about three weeks now. These students aren’t unfamiliar with visits to the Lakeview Apartments; they often make stops here around every holiday throughout the year.

Bringing happiness and joy was the ultimate mission of this visit.

“Why are we here Emma?”
“To sings songs to make people happy,” said Emma Tardu, Kindergartener at Lakeview Elementary School.
“We’re fortunate that we are close enough to the Lakeview Apartments, we can come over here and share some Thanksgiving joy with them. We’ve prepared three songs that we’ll sing with them today and we’re excited to be here,” said Kindergarten Teacher, Nikki Whitford.

One of the hit songs of the performance was, ‘if you’re thankful and you know it, clap your hands. The teachers from Lakeview Elementary were happy to bring a smile to the audience at Lakeview Apartments and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.