Senior Citizens celebrate Thanksgiving early

MARQUETTE — Senior citizens and their families kicked off Thanksgiving a little early this year with the Lost Creek annual Thanksgiving Dinner celebration.

Seniors along with anyone in the community were invited to stop by and get a warm, delicious Thanksgiving meal with all the traditional fixings.This celebration is held through the help of the senior meals on wheels that caters to over one-hundred and fifty households in Marquette County.

Having this Thanksgiving dinner is a time for everyone to socialize and get to know each other better.

“It’s open to the public along with residents here of Lost Creek and they just kind of congregate and have a nice, little lunch and sometimes their family members join them. It’s just kind of a fun time for them to socially interact a little more,” said Property Manager, Lost Creek Stacia Lynn.

Lynn also mentioned that something she looks forward to every year is seeing all the residents that she doesn’t typically get to see on a daily basis.