MARQUETTE — According to officials with the Northern Michigan University Department of Public Safety, the first weekend with students back in town was very busy, but no major problems or incidents were reported.

With an influx of people back in the City of Marquette and mainly on campus, NMU Public Safety Detective, Lieutenant Guy LaPlante talked with ABC 10 and shared some safety tips for students or anyone else on campus. LaPlante and the rest of the department would like students to stow away their valuables in a safe and secure location and keep your dorm room locked if you’re not there.

“We do run into situations,” said LaPlante. “A lot of these are young freshman, first time away from home. They’re experiencing some new experiences, so we want to make sure they’re safe, they are here for their education and everything is going as smooth as it can be.”

Detective LaPlante also added that if you’re driving on campus, the posted speed limit is twenty-miles per hour.