15-year-old tourist rescues boy from water

MARQUETTE — A 15-year-old tourist saved the day at Presque Isle this afternoon.

The Bathish family, visiting Marquette from Whitmore Lake, Michigan, were enjoying a casual vacation day in Marquette. Suddenly, a family of three needed their help.

15-year-old, Julia Bathish, told the story, “This mom and her two sons were playing on the rocks and they went into the water to swim. Eventually, they started screaming. And we thought they were playing around, (but) it started turning into screaming for help.”

Julia’s mother, Melissa, realized what was happening around the same time, “I’m screaming and whistling (and) shaking my hands. (But) no one’s really responding. My daughter walks down to the water front and I’m scared for her.”

Against her own fears, Julia ran down to help, “I was terrified, but I jumped into the water. I swam out and I grabbed the boy and, eventually, some other people came out to help. It was very quick.”

Another woman in the vicinity heard Melissa screaming for help, “She was a strong swimmer. So she jumped in, as well, and we ended up pulling the (mother) out. My daughter took control of one of the little boys who was having a hard time swimming, as well. (We) got them up to the shore, had them roll over, had her cough, (and) made sure she was okay and breathing.”

For Julia, it was a moment in her young life she’ll never forget, “It was insane. I’ve never had lifeguard training. I was a swimmer when I was younger; but definitely a first. Crazy.”

The mother of the rescued family was stabilized on the shore and taken to the hospital. No official word yet from authorities, but a lieutenant on duty with the Marquette City Police Department did confirm to ABC 10 that there was no drowning. Everyone was saved in the incident.