MARQUETTE — The Marquette Downtown Development Authority is testing some new equipment that will make parking in downtown Marquette quicker and easier.

Rather than the previous parking meters that only take change, there are now parking meters that will allow drivers to use both a debit or credit card along with quarters. There will be ten new parking meters throughout downtown Marquette during a two-month trial period. The current parking meters are from the 1950’s and with very limited equipment and supplies; it is becoming harder to continually repair them.

“It is a way to make it easier for our parking customers downtown to have other payment options because like I said it does accept the coins and also the debit credit cards as well”, said the Assistant Director of the Downtown Development Authority, Becky Salmon.

The DDA is currently waiting to hear feedback from drivers and ensure that the updated meters are useful before placing more throughout the city. Two of the new parking meters are on the one hundred block of East Main Street, four are in the Upper Commons parking lot, and four on the north side of the two hundred block of West Baraga.

For more information about the new parking meters, click here.