Young inventors begin their journey

ESCANABA– It’s never too early to find your passion, even if that passion is thinking up the next big invention.

A group of young inventors are learning about creativity, brainstorming and beginning to make their first creations. This is part of Inventing with Gizmos and Gadgets, a new program through Bay College.

Kids will learn to brainstorm ideas for inventions and then make a prototype. They can then improve on the original design before making a second model to share with the class. Organizers say there are life lessons to be learned even if these students don’t go on to become inventors.

“When we’re done here, I’d like to hope they can take something and build from just about anything,” said instructor Michael Malone, “I’d like them to expand their horizons and think outside the box.”

One attendee, Jacie Tuljus, like the program because “You get to come here and use little bits and work with a group to makes stuff.”

Inventing with Gizmos and Gadgets will go through the eleventh. The students create their inventions using Little Bits, toys that let kids build electronic devices.