Western U.P. lake town rocks 4th of July weekend with style

LAKE LINDEN — While Independence Day celebrations are getting underway throughout the Upper Peninsula, one community gets things started a day early. ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen reports from Lake Linden.

It’s tradition in the Keweenaw community of Lake Linden to gather in the park to begin celebrating the fourth of July on July 3rd.

Hundreds take part in the party by Torch Lake, featuring live music and plenty of good food and cold drinks. And they’ve been holding this pre–Independence Day bash for roughly 50 years.

Lake Linden Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ron Williamson said, “It’s a big tradition down here in Lake Linden. We get a lot of people that used to live here coming back and it just grows every year.”

And because it doesn’t have to compete with most other celebrations, it’s easily one of the best attended events of the summer.

The event serves as a fundraiser for the Lake Linden Volunteer Fire Department. Williamson said, “All these guys right behind me here make it happen. They work hard. They come on the department and they are told this is a priority. If you don’t show up for anything, you have to show up for this. It’s terms for termination, if you know what I mean ( laughs).”

The spectacular fireworks show caps off the evening but the Fourth is busy too, getting started early with a parade through town followed by more activities in the park.