Entrepreneur moving to build his product into a national brand

MARQUETTE — In order to grow his product into a national brand, Doctor Jeff Nyquist is taking his invention and moving out west.

Nyquist, the founder of NeuroTrainer, will be moving to San Francisco at the end of July. The Neuro Gym, located on West Washington Street in Marquette, will be used as a testing facility for their products.

Nyquist is partnering with other entrepreneurs in an effort to take his NeuroTrainer to the next level.

“The original product is about athletic training, but there are so many more,” said Nyquist. “Brain training is continuing to evolve. There will be a billion dollar company in brain training and we want to be that company.”

The company has grown significantly in the last year. The NeuroTrainer is being talked about in the sports world.

Nyquist recently sat down with a couple of professional teams about his product.

“Last week we were in Nashville working with the Predators and the Titans,” said Nyquist. “This week we’re talking to the Bay Area teams, the 49ers, Oakland, the San Jose Sharks. Right now we’re just focused on the professional teams and again making this a national brand.”

If you would like to keep tabs on Nyquist and the NeuroTrainer, we have a link setup for you to do that by clicking HERE.