MARQUETTE — Officials with Eagle Mine say their recent exploration efforts of a new mining site could lengthen the overall life of the mine.

For the last year, crews have been exploring an area 1.5 kilometers to the east of Eagle Mine, known as Eagle East. Their exploration efforts have shown the potential to mine both nickel and copper from that potential site.

Being able to mine at Eagle East could extend the life of the mine by one year.

“It will be an investment of close to $100 million just for the development of the mine,” said Eagle Mine Social Responsibility Advisor Meagen Morrison. “Currently we’re working on the feasibility study that will provide us more detailed information about what it’s going to look like. We will hopefully have that completed by the end of the year.”

Morrison added that it would take some time for mining crews to get to the mine.

“We estimate that it will take about three years to be able to actually reach the deposit,” she said. “The feasibility (study) that will be complete by the end of the year will help us determine what kind of permit amendments and new permits that we will need to be able to mine the area.”

The mine would be located at a depth of approximately 1,100 meters.

Upon news of the mine exploration update, Save The Wild UP (SWUP) released a statement listing their concerns about the potential mine site. You can read that information by clicking here.