SANDS TOWNSHIP — The Michigan Department of Transportation started a construction project in Marquette County today.

The 13 mile stretch of M-553 between M-35 and CR480 is receiving preventative maintenance. Starting today, crews will be milling and resurfacing the high-volume roadway.

Motorists can expect delays due to necessary lane closures under flag control. Time restrictions have been created in order to optimize travel time for commuters.

“We’re making an effort to minimize the delay. For example, the work on County Road 480 intersection will be done at night time only,” said Assistant Construction Engineer Jeff Rautiola. “And then there’s also restrictions on the work from the airport North to 480 where there’s no work allowed or lane closure work allowed between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. We’re doing our best to accommodate peak commuter time. ”

The $1.6 million project is set to finish in mid-July.

As always, motorists are asked to proceed with caution and patience throughout the project.