Three local Guts Frisbee players to compete in London

HOUGHTON — One of the teams representing the United States on the world stage of Guts Frisbee will feature three players from Houghton County.

Team USA 2 will be among those competing in the World Ultimate and Guts Frisbee Championships in London June 18th-25th.

On that team will be Will Blau and Al Nettell of Hancock and Stephen Dudenas of Lake Linden. Encouraging people to try the sport invented in the Copper Country, Keweenaw Guts Day was held Saturday in Calumet.

Keweenaw Guts DayThere, the Top Gun Award was presented to the fastest throwing high school players. Team USA 2 player Will Blau had the fastest boy’s throw at 69 miles per hour. He says playing Guts can help you improve your skills for other sports as well.

“It works on your hand-eye coordination actually a lot, and it just roughens you up,” Blau said. “It’s a good sport to play. It’s fun, gets you out side—better than sitting inside all day.”

With an impressive throw of 49 miles per hour, Nicole St. Martin was the winner in the girls’ category. She shows that Guts isn’t just a sport for the guys.