University proudly displays dramatic upgrades

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University’s cosmetology program showcased the dramatic upgrades that were recently done to their salon.

Several noticeable improvements were made over the past holiday break. The upgrades include new lighting, air–handling systems, individualized workstations and styling chairs and manicure–pedicure workstations. Another upgrade takes advantage of a video monitor to enhance the functionality of demonstrations given by teachers.

“Part of the process of what we did is we talked with some of the students,” said Technology & Occupational Sciences Department Head John Centko, “to find out what would make a better teaching and learning environment for them. One of the challenges was for people to see what was occurring without crowding around. So the video monitor is something that worked out very well. They can stay at their stations and just have that opportunity to see what’s occurring, do the demonstration at the same time as they observe it.”

The upgrades are joined with support from NMU President Fritz Erickson, who attends the NMU salon for his haircuts. This Thursday the salon will close for the school year. Upgrades have also begun for the front salon, which are expected to be finalized over the summer.

The total cost of renovations and upgrades is close to $230,000.