Great start to the season for the Lady Miners

NEGAUNEE — The Negaunee girls basketball team is staying busy during Winter Break because that’s how good teams turn into great team.

The Lady Miners have gotten off to a great start, cementing themselves as one of the best teams in the Mid–Peninsula conference. And the team is determined to keep it that way throughout the season.

“Our goal was to get through Christmas break with a positive record. We end up 4–2 with a couple close loses. Everyone made it through injury–free so far. Team camaraderie is very close. Anxious to see how we’re going to come out of a fresh start with the Christmas Break. We’ve been down for a little bit. We started working back in the gym this week and they’re working pretty hard,” said Sager.

“I think we started out kind of shaky the first two practices. And then we had a little talk, got ourselves ready and we came out really strong, started off the season really good. Couple wins, few losses by a couple points but we’re making our way and we’re doing really good,” Fezatt said.

The Negaunee girls have been practicing throughout the Winter Break and when I asked the team what they need to work on, one word came up a lot.

“Executing, definitely is a big one that we have to work on because when we get to the bigger games if we don’t execute, then that’s not a good thing,” Johnson said.

“We’ve been working on some fundamental things for the past few days. But we’ll start getting back into preparation mode for our game next Tuesday,” said Sager.

The Lady Miners faced off against Norway and found themselves down big early in the game. But they would battle back to get the win and I asked the team what a victory like that says about their squad.

“I think it shows how much we care and how much we can really play together and get our points back and come back with a win,” Fezatt said.

“We’re definitely fighters. We don’t give up very easily so that definitely helps us come back out of those really big holes,” said Johnson.

“They fight and they claw. I can’t really ask much more of them as far as their effort levels. They play together, which I’ve told them, teams that are close are going to win more games than teams that are talented,” said Sager.

Negaunee is 4–2 this season and it’s their relationship off the court that helps the team when the going gets tough.

“We’ve done some things. We went bowling last night as team. So we try to keep that family atmosphere as much as we can. I’m a big believer if they’re close with each other, they’re going to want to fight just as hard for that girl sitting next to them,” Sager said.

“In my career, we’re definitely the hardest working group that I’ve ever been a part of. And it’s been really awesome because we push each other every single day and in games, we just go for it. Defensively, we just kick each other butts in practice and then it carries over to the game and that’s what makes us successful,” said Johnson.

The Lady Miners will be back in action next Tuesday at home when they host Iron Mountain.