ISHPEMING — With Christmas Eve being tomorrow everyone here at ABC 10 is full of holiday cheer. We caught up with the staff to see what they want for Christmas.

Sam Ali says, “For Christmas, given I am a huge sports fan and big on collecting jersey’s and I am also a Minnesota Vikings fan, I would like nothing more than to get a brand new Teddy Bridgewater #5 jersey. Preferably purple, because purple is the best color ever.”

Katlin Connin says, “So I have not lived by myself for too terribly long, so I am still trying to get all the basic things you need for a house. So I asked for a lot of silly things that don’t sound like a lot of fun. Like Tupperware and Swiffer Duster and pots and pans and stuff because it take a lot to fill an apartment up. I am quickly learning that myself.”

Andrew Lorinser says, “Every year from over seas, my parents send us pajama bottoms. My whole family get pajama bottoms. I am looking forward to that with my nieces.”

Sarah Mac says, “I think this year what I want most is a relaxing evening with my boyfriend and family because Christmas is very busy for us. We party hop all the time which I love to do, but for Christmas morning and Christmas Eve night I just want us to have a relaxing evening together the five of us.”

Caleb Scanlon says, “I have spent a least the last six months telling my friends and family that there is nothing I want for Christmas. I have everything I want and I am very content.”

Andy Kulie says, “Well for Christmas I was hoping I would get a stapler because there is not a stapler anywhere near my desk at this point and I really, really want. Oh! It’s a stapler! This is what I’ve always wanted. Thank you!”

Jerry Taylor says, “I’m not a very hard person to shop for. I like food, sweaters, socks. But the one thing I have always wanted is for the Lions to win the super bowl. That’s never going to happen so I’ll just take a warm pair for socks this Christmas.”

From all of us here at ABC 10, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!