COLUMBUS, OH. — Most of us sit down to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast from time to time, but cereal seems to be on the menu more than ever before. Any time, day or night, cold cereal is a hot new trend and it’s not just for kids. With more on this flavorful fad and some combinations sure to pique your interests here’s ABC 10’s Sarah Mac.

As a collegiate athlete, Kym Greene learned the importance of eating a healthy diet and as a mother, wants to make sure she passes along the same lessons to her children.

“It’s very important to me what my kids put into their bodies. So,” Kym says, “having them be a part and having choices, healthy choices, is very, very important.”

So, Kym is one of a growing number of moms throwing cereal parties. Instead of giving kids pizza or chips and soda for snacks, Kym sets up cereal bars including fresh fruits and whole grains mixed with low fat milk and yogurt.

Karen Bakies, RD says, “It’s taking that breakfast cereal, that traditional breakfast meal, and making it fun. And making it the way you want to eat it.”

Karen Bakies is a registered dietitian with the American Dairy Association Mideast. Besides being healthy, she says cereal bars can also be educational. Kids often try new foods in these situations and learn to take ownership over their diets.

Bakies says, “I think that when we have choices we’re more likely to eat the food that we create, when we can make it and design it ourselves.”

And it’s not just for kids. In fact, in some cities cereal restaurants are opening, catering to adult palates. recipes call for mixing cereals with spices like mustard, garlic and even chili powder.

Bakies added, “You can do a hot cereal or a cold cereal and ue some different kinds of herbs, you can use lemon rind, you can use thyme, you can use mint, you can use different kinds of herbs to infuse the different kinds of flavors.”

It’s a concept Kym appreciates, not just for the taste, but for helping kids form healthy habits, whether they realize it or not.

Kym says, “They love it. They love the yogurt, they love milk. I want them to know that their bodies are like machines, and if you don’t feed your body well it’s not going to work good in school and in sports.”

If you’d like to set up your own cereal bar for your family or friends this holiday season and take a small, healthy break from cookies and sweets click here for recipes and ideas.

Information courtesy of American Dairy Association Mideast.