MARQUETTE — Holidays are a great time of year for dinner parties, and sometimes the details make all the difference, even down to the wine. With more here’s ABC 10’s Sarah Mac.

Not everyone can be a sommelier – or a wine expert – but lucky for us there’s a business in the area that can help pair your dinner party menu with the perfect wine to give it that “jena se qua.”

Everyday wines in downtown Marquette sells local and imported wines and beverages. Owner of Everyday Wines Daniel Rutz says that wine pairing take a lot of creativity depending on your meal and your preferences, but there are always some “go to” wines for any host or any guest.

“If you just need a wine now that can pair with anything,” Rutz added, “that’s champagne method wine, and whether it’s true champagne or a sparkling wine from a different region, if you have something bubbly on hand it will literally pair with everything, and on top of that it’s great for guests, it’s a great gift if you don’t know what people’s preferences are, and then finding a good all purpose red and all purpose white.”

The best part? Their prices won’t break the bank!

Everyday Wines tries to put a cap on most of their wines so you can go in to find one that fits your budget – which could help if you opted for an at–home gathering this year to save a few bucks for extra gifts.

Rutz says, “Well what we try to do here at Everyday Wines is hand pick a selection of about 120 different wines that are all under $25.”

However if you want to become more of a wine expert, Rutz says the best place to start is a little tasting and a little research.

“The more knowledge you get the more you should want to share it, wine is completely about sharing and so is the knowledge,” Rutz added, “and the only way to really gain that knowledge is to try the greatest variety of wine you can and then learn about it.”

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