Radio station playing nothing but holiday tunes

MARQUETTE — With the holiday season upon us, a Marquette County radio station is playing nothing but holiday tunes until early next year.

Great Lakes Radio, Inc. created 106.1 FM, ‘The Gift’ last year. Since November 1st, Christmas music has been running twenty-four hours a day on the station.

The idea for the holiday themed station came from someone very close to Luke Noordyk.

“It was actually my wife’s idea,” explained Noordyk. “She’s a huge Christmas person, loves Christmas music. We grew up playing Christmas music, so we always have it on during holiday times. It’s very well listened to. There’s a lot of people who like Christmas music. I’m amazed at the number of guys who get into the holiday spirit and are happy to enjoy Christmas music even as early as in November.”

You can also stream the Christmas music radio station by clicking HERE. The station will play music until January 6th.