Elementary students do the ‘reindeer dash’ to donate their cash

EBEN JUNCTION — Every holiday season elementary students at Superior Central have had a gift exchange, but this year they’ve started a new tradition to give back to their community.

For five minutes each morning this week kindergarten through fifth grade students will be competing to raise as much money as they can. All of the money raised will go to AMCAB’s Meals–On–Wheels program.

“We’ve created a holiday themed penny war called a reindeer dash,” said Superior Central 1st Grade Teacher Kathy McCowan, “and each class is represented with a reindeer jar. Pennies count positively to their total and silvers and dollars counting negatively. Each class is trying to get the highest total to win a trip Chatham’s Town Hall to have hot cocoa and cookies with the senior citizens in our area.”

So far the students have really taken to the fundraising. Even though they aren’t receiving gifts, they’re learning a valuable life lesson.

“That really the holiday season is a time to think of others. Santa is fun, and we can’t wait to see what we get under that Christmas tree but this year we’re thinking about the senior citizens in our community more than just ourselves.”

In addition to raising money for AMCAB, the students are also making cards, ornaments, and placemats to go along with the meals each day.