MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — When all is said and done with the big Thanksgiving feast, many residents will start getting ready for the next holiday.

Christmas trees, lights, and other decor are meant to bring holiday cheer to the humans of the house, but the new sights can often inspire the interest of four-legged friends.

“Our cats and dogs are inquisitive always, and so any time we put up something new in the house, they love to investigate,” said Ericka McCarthy, Associate Veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Marquette.

Owners are advised to watch their pets closely around decorations, and make sure fragile decorations aren’t found near the bottom of the Christmas tree. Trees and other Christmas plants like poinsettias can be toxic to pets and can cause digestive distress.

“While it may be very cute and funny that your pets are chewing on these things, it definitely can cause them a lot of trouble,” McCarthy added. “So making sure that they’re up out of the way or you’ve partitioned them off to keep them from chewing on those things is really a good idea.”

Keeping cords from lights up and away from pets who like the chew is also advisable. Fragrant decorations like candles and oils should also be protected from pets, as they are likely to investigate those as well.