UP Haunted Hot Spots: Valley Camp

SAULT STE. MARIE — The U.P. Haunted Hot Spots series continues with a look at a local team in action on a recent investigation. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac shadowed the investigation in the Eastern U.P.

This week we shadow the local paranormal researchers in their home town.

The sun is just setting here in Sault Ste. Marie where on location with the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society as they investigate inside the belly of the Valley Camp.

The Valley Camp is now a museum ship housing several maritime artifacts from different ships like the Edmund Fitzgerald, crew quarters and even an aquarium. The U.P.P.R.S. team has investigated this site a few times in the past, but members say they love coming back because they never leave empty handed. It could be because of one paranormal theory that states ghosts tend to hang around different significant artifacts.

Co–Founder of U.P.P.R.S. Brad Blair says, “That would be something we would call an ‘attachment haunting,’ where there’s an energy that might be attached to a piece of equipment or a personal artifact that may have went down with the ship or may have been involved in some sort of tragedy.”

This location is an example of how the team works together. Most team members, like Matt Barr, have a special niche that they fill.

U.P.P.R.S. Tech Team Member Matt Barr says, “My role, I would say, is to fix what they have broken, most of the time. But mainly it is to make sure that everything is set up properly, recording properly, all of our device shave fresh batteries, make sure everything’s reading correctly. We don’t want to go out into the field and have any faulty readings.”

The Valley Camp has not seen any tragedies itself, however the team has had readings here that they think are linked to an attachment haunting.

Before it became a museum the ship transported coal and other goods, which could account for a cough that the team has recorded multiple times when conducting E.V.P. sessions.

Just a reminder, E.V.P. is short for electronic voice phenomena, a method that investigators use to try to communicate with ghosts.

The theory is that investigators try to speak to the ghosts and record the session on a digital audio recorder – or D.A.R. – and they hope to hear a response to their questions when they play back the recording, since the human ear can’t always hear the frequency at which ghosts could communicate.

In the past the team has recorded a cough, voices and has even seen lights flickering on and off.

“It was really just a neat experience that happened. It was very solemn. I mean, we don’t take this lightly,” Blair added, “we go into it with respect and we were very blessed that night to have the activity that did happen. We feel that someone was trying to communicate with us on the ship.”

For more information about the U.P.P.R.S. click here.

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