Play explores the life of Pulitzer Prize winner

MARQUETTE — For one night only, you have the opportunity to see a one–woman show written and performed by an actress who has performed with the likes of Meryl Streep and Woody Harrelson.

Call Me William centers around the life of Willa Cather, and was written and performed by Prudence Wright Holmes.

“She was an extremely accomplished woman for her time, a time when women didn’t usually have careers. She really went to the top, was on the cover of Time magazine, was honored with a postage stamp, and, of course, the Pulitzer Prize,” said Holmes.

Holmes began writing the play when her son was reading Cather’s books in school. But, when she read more about Cather’s life, Holmes was inspired.

“The play is really an inspiration to anyone who has big dreams and dares to try to achieve them. She certainly did go for the gold and achieved a lot of her goals,” Holmes added.

Call Me William opens Saturday night at the Panowski Black Box Theater at 7:30 P.M. And, if you need any more encouragement to go, proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Northern Michigan First Nighter’s Club.

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