Healthy food access – where to start

MARQUETTE — One organization is looking to it’s local chapters to help fight childhood obesity.

The American Heart Association is working with it’s local chapters to present new legislature that will help local stores offer fruits and vegetables instead of convenience food, or junk food.

American Heart Association Campaign Manager Ted O’Dell says, “The American Heart Association is looking to address the issue of childhood obesity, and one of the things that the American Heart Association is trying to do is top make healthier foods available to young people where those foods may not traditionally be available.”

In the meantime Michigan residents could look to different farmers markets for their produce or growing their own.

Education Coordinator for the Marquette Food Co-Op, Sarah Monte says, “I think it can be intimidating. The larger food system, is a little bit skewed actually to make it that much easier to eat those convenience foods instead of our fruits and vegetables, so it does take a little bit of effort to get started, but then once you’re doing it, it gets easier and easier all the time, and you’ll feel a lot better, too.”

According to Monte some of the ways to start eating healthier is by cooking yourself, that way you could modify meals as need be – like trimming salts, sugars and fats. The Marquette Food Co-Op offers classes on cooking, gardening and much more to help teach people in the area how to eat healthier.

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